Be Direct

I had an experience some years ago while preparing to lead a family council with my teens about pornography addiction. One of my daughters showed up with her boyfriend, and I let them know we were about to start family council and invited them both to join us. The young man, wanting to impress a potential future father-in-law, eagerly volunteered that they would love to stay. Once everyone was seated, I introduced the topic. I figured this young man32 would be blessed to be instructed on this topic the same way my own kids would be. I share this story as a way of calibrating my own comfort zone in addressing the true doctrine of sexuality and the dangers of pornography. In my generation, sex wasn’t something parents generally talked about. When we are armed with a correct understanding of the true doctrine of sexuality, I believe parents can and should be more direct in their teaching and less embarrassed to address this topic.

32 For those interested, this young man found another father-in-law after his mission.


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