Take A Stand

I want to end this chapter with something that I first learned from JoAnn Hibbert Hamilton. JoAnn has been a champion of community action when it comes to standards of morality. Ever wonder why some stores obscure immodest magazines with black plastic covers? JoAnn has been a champion for community standards, rallying local citizens to approach store managers and ask that material not suitable for children be placed out of view. As citizens and consumers we have tremendous power, even as a single voice.

We live in such an over-sexualized society, that any effort by even small numbers of people help to hold back the tide, even in a small measure. Send emails to sites that serve up gratuitous sexuality. Give your business to websites that are consistent with your values. If a certain news site constantly serves up prurient material (even if not patently pornographic), you may have to make a decision to get your news elsewhere. In addition to leaving, you can let them know why. Small actions can often add up. But whether or not we make a difference to a particularly company, we make a difference to ourselves, and our children see our example. When it comes to the over-sexualization of our society, silence is consent.

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